Wednesday, August 22, 2007



Accomplishment for the Previous Year

Enrolment by Grade levels – Present

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If pre-elem is excluded, in SY 2005-2006 the enrolment is 2,925 while at present SY 2006-2007, the enrolment is 2881. This data shows that there is a decrease of 44 pupils or .98% due to the migration of parents and poverty.

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As regard to quality basic education the school has to exert greater effort to achieve the target mastery of 75%. The school has to conduct an achievement test to determine how the pupils fare academically. In the 2006 National Achievement Test for Gr. VI, the mean percentage score is 49.15 against the target of 75% for which the school is 159th of the 221 elementary schools in the country. The highest mean percentage is in Filipino with 59.05, 45.29% in Mathematics, 45.17% in English, 47.40% in Science, and 48.83% in Hekasi.

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